Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Ardis Cole Series: Archaeological Mysteries Around the Globe

We have always been fascinated with archaeology and history and how the past and present sometimes intertwine.  Each Ardis Cole mystery is a story within a story, one dealing with an intrigue in the present, the other dealing with a mystery, murder, or love triangle from the ancient past.  In each instance the past and present coincide.  For Ardis Cole, unraveling the past is to unlock the truth of today. Below is a brief summary of each book in the series and location. 

Book 1:  The Curse of Senmut  (Egypt)

 Archaeologist Ardis Cole is summoned to Egypt by Professor Jane Darvin to help excavate a minor tomb.  When she encounters a murder, Ardis with the help of her associate, Blake Lydon, unravels an ancient mystery concerning two obelisks of gold hidden by Queen Hatshepsut’s love, Senmut, over 2,000 years ago.  As Ardis uncovers the ancient mystery she finds herself entwined in a modern tale of intrigue, revenge and murder.

Book 2: Unmarked Grave (Scotland)

Ardis travels to Scotland to do a facial reconstruction on a skull historian Bruce McBrier believes to be the remains of Sir William, a medieval ancestor murdered in battle.  When Ardis makes the shocking discovery that the remains are of a more recent murder, with the help of Mark Ridley, she goes ahead with the facial reconstruction in hopes the victim can be identified.  But someone is willing to go to great lengths to keep the skull’s deadly secret.

Ardis flies to China at the request of elderly Dr. Yong Po, to help him locate a Han dynasty cave tomb believed to contain a priceless white jade statue.  Her American associate, Grant Merlin, fails to join her.  Instead Grant’s ex-wife, Sheri, appears to take his place on the project, then is attacked on the cliffs by someone wearing a crimson opera mask.  Past meets the present when a centuries old “crime of passion” is eerily replayed on the research team.

Book 4:  Murder andthe Monalet Ruby  (USA)

While handling a bequest of pioneer and Sioux artifacts in South Dakota, Ardis  inherits a load of trouble- a stolen ruby, an heir who has disappeared, and a skeleton in the cellar!  Ardis learns that benefactor, Anthony LaMoine, had a runaway adopted son . “Find the son,” the housekeeper tells her, “and you’ll find the thief.”  But is the son really the guilty party?  And is mysterious writer-historian, Seldon Drake, really the man he claims to be—or an impostor?

 Grant Merlin summons Ardis to Russia to help his friend locate a priceless marble statue, Neva. The life-sized sculpture vanished seven years ago along with the artist, Treve Savik.  Most believe Treve destroyed his masterpiece then committed suicide after being jilted by the statue’s beautiful model.  When Ardis discovers the grave of a murder victim, buried for seven years, the search for the missing sculpture turns into a hunt for a dangerous killer.

We find our inspiration by traveling, especially to archeological areas.  We personally  visit every setting for our novels and do careful research.

 The next book in the series, Killer of Eagles, will be published this year from Rowe Publishing.

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