Thursday, February 12, 2015


A new Ardis Cole mystery, KILLER OF EAGLES, will be out in a few months from Rowe Publishing.  We are excited to have the sixth book in our series available in ebook and also in print. 

In this book, Ardis braves a sudden blizzard on her way to the isolated Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to  help her friend Ella White Owl locate her missing niece.  Carrie, and art  teacher at Shadow Pass High School appear to have simply vanished without a trace.  Medicine man Jim Walks-Alone shares with Ardis his disturbing vision about a "killer of eagles", which to the Sioux represents an evil person, and a destroyer of all that is good.

Ardis soon finds the girl's wrecked car deep in the canyon, a dead man who was shot through the head was behind the wheel  But there is no sign of Carrie.  Ardis' search for Carrie leads her on a hunt for a rare relic stolen from the local church, a wild chase through the badlands, and a face-to-face confrontation with the "killer of eagles."

Our inspiration for the book came from Loretta's experiences teaching on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota and fascinating research about treasures hidden by the Spaniards.